from strong girls, to strong women, for a lifetime.

Shattering Glass Ceilings

About The Supernatural Girl 

The Supernatural Girl (SNG) is a non-profit mission focused on developing girls into confident leaders. Through a combination of group mentoring, special events, and evidence-based training, SNG girls learn to navigate social and economic barriers. 

Peer pressure, images projected by media, substance abuse, sexuality, and many other topics present themselves in the daily lives of our young women. Now more than ever, girls need a strong moral, educational, spiritual, and intellectual foundation to succeed.Pictures can say a thousand word. But a thousand words, barely describe an SNG experience. 


The Supernatural Girl Five Pillars of Power

Too often, girls face stark inequalities and horrific injustices that prevent them from reaching their highest potential. To overcome this, girls must discover and embrace their unique identity as early as possible. Developed by Dr. Jason and Natalie Jackson, the Five Pillars of Power were created to address the core developmental needs of young women in the modern age.


1. Identity & Purpose –This Pillar develops the participant's understanding of their naturally-supernatural identity, unique qualities, and ability to navigate the different seasons of life. Topics include:


  • Identification of Supernatural Qualities
  • Discovering Unique Personality Traits and Skills
  • Necessity of Seasons for Development
  • Identification & Establishment of Life Purpose
  • Gaining Through Giving to Others


2. Life Skills Education – This Pillar develops the participant's ability to fully function in everyday life by attaining the essential skills required to communicate, manage resources, and positively contribute to their community. Topics include: 

  • Opening Doors with Skillful Communication (Workplace, social media, etc.)
  • Discovering Basic and Formal Etiquette
  • Understanding Finances (Credit, budget, etc.)
  • Currency of Time
  • Developing Confidence, Boundaries, and Positive Habits


3. Health & Wellness – This Pillar develops the participant's capacity to nurture their physical well-being through positive behaviors relating to nutrition, hygiene, exercise, and self-perceived body image. Topics include:

  • Promoting Positive Body Image
  • Establishing Exercise and Fitness Routines
  • Balancing Hygiene, Health & Beauty
  • Implementing Nutrition


4. Business & Entrepreneurial Education – This Pillar develops the participant's ability to identify, build and navigate their professional paths. Topics include:

  • Leadership & Influence
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Basics
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


5. Character Education –This Pillar develops the participant's emotional intelligence, self-management ability, and corresponding social skills to promote positive character development.

  • Gaining and Giving Respect
  • Developing Self Discipline
  • Collaborating with Others
  • Identifying Healthy Relationships
  • Combating Negativity- Bullying


Research shows that a girl's confidence in her leadership abilities starts to decline in middle school. Unfortunately, this lack of leadership confidence contributes to a disparity in the world's gender leadership gap. The Five Pillars of Power nurtures girls into well-rounded leaders prepared to impact the world at any level.